Sunday, March 7, 2010

~keluarga pak mae~

~juz wanna 2 story about my family~..btw sye ade 3 owg sibling include sye..sye ade kakak..abg..tu je sibling yg sye ade..kakak sye sowang yg kuat bebel..suke jalan2..window shopping nye tak pon..hehhee..:) pastu sye ade abg yg kuat m'nyakat..kadang2 buat sye gewam sgt n rase nk meraung trs..hehehe:) sye ade ayah yang pendiam..suke ngan bola..smpai skunk since umur dah 63 pon die still follow team PDRM as a fisioterapi..sye ade mak..but already pass away about 3 years ago..:( serius sedey but it is already wrote by a sye kene redha :) next entry sye akn cite ttg mak sye k..sye ade kakak ipar..yg quite p'diam gak but wit her son she bcame sgt nenek..means kuat m'bebel la..ehhehe:) last one is my nephew..only one..very notty but like to do his work in quiet action so every body around him don't realize wut he has doing..hehehe:) he is very cutie boys..luv him muahhh....sye syg sume owg yg sye mention kn d cni..tanpa dowang sape la sye..heehee..cehcehceh..emosi la pulak..luv them very much...xoxo smack xoxo muahhhhh...:)

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